The New Melody


Entry for the Dark Fairy Queen Bridal Shower!

Congratulations to Anna and Michael! I wish you every joy and happiness together! Here’s my gift to you.

Title: The New Melody
Author: Sorcha O’Dowd
E-book: Yes*

Her fingers gently caressed the keys of the Piano, the thin layer of dust coating her shaking finger tips as she drew them softly over the smooth keys, careful not to press too hard. She stopped, as her right thumb automatically took its place on Middle C, a movement still so natural. Even after so long.

“Breathe.” She reminded herself silently, before taking a deep shuddering breath.

She pressed lightly and the echoing sound of the long-since tuned Piano reverberated through the dusty, abandoned room.

Heaving a sob, she pulled her hand back quickly, covering her mouth as she waited for the pain of remembrance to slice through her heart.

It didn’t.

She waited another minute.

Still nothing.

It took another minute before she laughed. A laugh of surprise and…was it hope?

Reaching forward again, she placed both hands on the keys and cautiously began to play.

The notes grew stronger as her fingertips flew across the keys, not at all hindered by the years of abstinence. Notes that told her story. The story of the helpless girl who’d fallen madly and naively in love, the pain of her heart being cruelly crushed, and the despair so deep that she’d existed through a layer of numbness.

But then the sharps and flats of G minor stopped suddenly, replaced by a sweet melody in G major that spoke of friendship, loyalty, and an overwhelming love that had fixed her.

She didn’t stop playing as she sensed him enter the room, just closed her eyes, letting the music flow through her, hoping he would understand the meaning of the melody.

He’d fixed her.


As the notes began to slow, and gradually faded to nothing, she took a moment to revel in the charged stillness of the room. The echoes of the notes rang, disturbing the dust particles which shone like fireflies in the strip of early morning sunlight that beamed through a gap in the thin, dilapidated curtains.

Finally she turned, smiling softly as she saw him hastily wipe at his eyes. Because he’d been through it too.

He’d been hurt by love.

And she’d fixed him.

Just like he had her.

“Ready to go?” She asked quietly, unwilling to disturb the peace in the room with unnecessary words.

Words had never been necessary with them. A look, or a soft touch to the arm spoke more to them than any words ever could.

So she knew what he was asking from the way he walked towards her, his eyes desperate as he reached for her hand, caressing her fingers softly with his thumb.

“Yes.” She replied to his silent question, feeling her eyes blur with tears of happiness.

“I haven’t asked you yet.” He chided, tears of his own now falling even as a smile grew on his face.

“So ask me then.” She teased.

“I don’t have a ring.” He said, his ice blue eyes apologising even as they twinkled.

“Just ask me.”

So he did.