Book Review ~ ‘Summer in San Remo’ by Evonne Wareham.


Summer in San Remo by Evonne Wareham
(Riviera #1)
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Mystery
Release Date: 16th July 2017
Publisher: Choc Lit





Anything could happen when you spend summer in San Remo.
Running her busy concierge service usually keeps Cassie Travers fully occupied. But when a new client offers her the strangest commission she’s ever handled she suddenly finds herself on the cusp of an Italian adventure, with a man she thought she would never see again.
Jake McQuire has returned from the States to his family-run detective agency. When old flame Cassie appears in need of help with her mysterious client, who better than Jake to step in?
Events take the pair across Europe to a luxurious villa on the Italian Riviera. There, Cassie finds that the mystery she pursues pales into insignificance, when compared to another discovery made along the way.




Book Review ~ ‘Summer in San Remo’ by Evonne Wareham ~ 5 Stars!

Summer in San Remo is the perfect summer read! If you are feeling stuck in a slump in rainy Britain, then this is the perfect book to transport you to sunny Italy! Romantic, fun but with hints of mystery throughout, this is the a book you devour!

We’ve all had strange requests in our jobs, but our heroine Cassie takes the cake. Having to find a husband in a day would be something she’d laugh at before, but as her ex-boyfriend has left her penniless, she’ll take any job she can. Cassie was a real laugh, and I loved following her story. She was a strong character, but felt all the more real to me by her willingness to scrape low. She didn’t just wait for something easy to come along, and she knew that to get her and her business out of the black, she’d need to do some not so great things.

Enter Jake. Oh what a gem. I adored his relationship with Cassie. The sparks flew and they had the best scenes together. Flirty, fun and warm, it was heartwarming to read. Both have problems in their lives, but together they put aside their past differences and get to heart of their mysterious job in San Remo – because there are mysteries to solve, and it’s these two who have to do it.

Escape to San Remo this summer with Evonne Wareham’s fantastic warm novel of love and mystery. You won’t be disappointed.

5 Stars!

*Review copy kindly provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*



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