Book Review ~ ‘Nod’ by Adrian Barnes.



Nod by Adrian Barnes
Genres: Sci-Fi, Dystopia
Release Date: 1st September 2015
Publisher: Titan Books




Dawn breaks over Vancouver and no one in the world has slept the night before, or almost no one. A few people, perhaps one in ten thousand, can still sleep, and they’ve all shared the same golden dream.

After six days of absolute sleep deprivation, psychosis will set in. After four weeks, the body will die. In the interim, panic ensues and a bizarre new world arises in which those previously on the fringes of society take the lead.

Paul, a writer, continues to sleep while his partner Tanya disintegrates before his eyes, and the new world swallows the old one whole.



Book Review ~ ‘Nod’ by Adrian Barnes ~ 5 Stars!

This book was sheer brilliance!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly you were unable to sleep?

Day One, you’d be grouchy but fine; after all, students do all-nighters all the time.

Day Two? You’d be looking forward to a long sleep.

What about Day Seven?

Haunting, psychological, nerve-wracking, ‘Nod’ was a perfectly crafted post-apocalyptic style novel, which had me still thinking about it long after I’d turned the last page.

I’m not much into zombie fiction, because I don’t believe it’s realistic, so when I read the blurb for ‘Nod’ I was instantly excited. Insomnia causing a breakdown of society? Yes, please! It was a believable scenario, which gave the story so much more impact. We see people who love each other turn against each other as the lack of sleep kicks in, and we see morality take a backseat as everybody desperately tries to stay alive.

Adrian Barnes brilliantly questions what happens to human nature when the fundamental  ability to sleep is taken away from you.

It is a rollercoaster of a ride, and I guarantee you won’t be able to put the book down until you see how it finishes.

5 Stars!


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One thought on “Book Review ~ ‘Nod’ by Adrian Barnes.

  1. pinkbambi13 says:

    I’m the same regarding zombie fiction. I just can’t really get into it because it seems so unrealistic. I don’t mind these apocalyptic type novels but they have to make sense.

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