Book Review ~ ‘New England TLC’ by Pia Fenton.



New England TLC by Pia Fenton
Northbrooke High #3
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance





Shy girl. Bad boy. Heading for heartache or TLC?

Kerrie Lanyon’s world collapses when her parents are killed in a horrific car crash. With no relatives to turn to, she gratefully accepts an offer from her godfather, Sir Anthony, to spend time with his family in the US.

Sir Anthony’s daughter, Raven, is attending high school in the little New England town and Kerrie agrees to do the same. Having spent most of her life at an all-girls boarding school run by nuns, however, she has no idea how to interact with boys – especially gorgeous badass ones like Axel Ohlsen. Is the flutter he causes inside her embarrassment or something else?

Axel has an on-off girlfriend, but is intrigued and attracted by Kerrie’s sadness and vulnerability. He wants to make her smile again, even though he knows it’s none of his business. Can he help heal her? Or will his on-off girlfriend throw a spanner in the works?




Book Review ~ ‘New England TLC’ by Pia Fenton ~ 5 Stars!

With all the emotion, excitement and romance of the previous two books, ‘New England TLC’ is a fantastic addition to the Northbrooke High series. This time telling the story of sheltered good-girl Kerrie, Sir Anthony’s goddaughter, who has recently lost her family, and arrives in the US mourning and wide-eyed, and intimidated by the freedom of her new life.

Kerrie was a fantastic character. Her pain eeked through the pages and I could really sense her struggle to keep going when she was reminded of her parents. I loved that we saw some back-story about her family as well, and how she admitted that when she realised that her parents were not as perfect as she may have once thought, but how she accepted it and it didn’t affect how much she loved or missed them. ‘New England TLC’ was a brilliant journey for Kerrie as she becomes an adult who sees the world in a different light, rather than through the tinted glasses of a sheltered young girl.

Oh, how I love Axel! <3. In ‘New England Crush’ Axel made me laugh so much with his witty comments, and cunning plan for getting Raven and Liam together, so seeing how this plan backfired for him in ‘New England TLC’ when he realises that maybe he’s not the man for the job of changing Brooke for the better, was brilliant. Despite it all though, he was still a good-guy behind his bad-boy exterior, and he was loyal in not wanting to break up with Brooke and ruin her birthday plans despite his feelings for Kerrie. Although Brooke is the cattiest bitch on the planet, I really loved her character, as without her sniping and bitchiness, Kerrie may never have grown to be as strong as she did.

A brilliant chapter in the Northbrooke High series, ‘New England TLC’ was fun, emotional, sweet and guaranteed to bring you joy!

5 Stars!


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Pia Fenton

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