Book Review ~ ‘The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk’ by Sally Malcolm.


The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk by Sally Malcolm
(The Pirates of Ile Sainte Anne #1)
Genres: Historical, Romance
Publisher: Choc Lit




Come then, and I’ll tell you the tale of the Gypsy Hawk and her wily captain – the infamous Zachary Hazard …’ 

To Amelia Dauphin, freedom is her most prized possession and she will stop at nothing to keep it. Daughter of a Pirate King and the youngest captain in her father’s fleet, she lives on the island of Ile Sainte Anne, where pirates roam free and liberty reigns.

Zachary Hazard, captain of the Gypsy Hawk, hasn’t been seen on Ile Sainte Anne for six years but his reputation precedes him. To Zach, liberty is the open water and he has little time for the land-bound pirate island.

But when he hears that Amelia’s people could be in danger, he has no choice but to return. And what begins then is a desperate fight for freedom and a legend in the making …




Book Review ~ ‘The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk’ by Sally Malcolm ~ 5 Stars!

I don’t know how to even begin with this review. This is one of those books that I literally devoured and then sat back afterwards in awe thinking, “What do I do with myself now?” I was just so engrossed in their story. My heart was broken and patched together again throughout this novel, and I still can’t get over how much it meant to me!

Amelia and Zach’s story takes you on an exhilarating adventure that spans years, from the pirate safehold ‘Ile Sainte Anne’ across the treacherous seas, to the city of London, accompanied with a lot of pain, heartache, and a lot of love.

I’m basically in love with Zach, and no I shall not apologise for that. Sally Malcolm doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of history, and in turn doesn’t make Zach an unrecognisable pirate. No he was in turns stubborn, gruff and dangerous, whilst also possessing that charming swagger that had women fall for his bad-boy ways. And then you get Captain Amelia Dauphin, who is not as easily impressed. Their back and forth banter throughout the novel had me in stitches one minute and then wanting to bang their stubborn heads together in the next. Their chemistry was electric and I loved seeing how the change in setting affected their relationship and how comfortable they were with each other.

I don’t want to say anything more about the story, because it ripped me apart, had me frantically turning the page and desperate to know what was going to happen next, to see who would survive and whether forgiveness is ever really possible after betrayal….and really I want to put you through this too! (evil laugh)

This is a must-read for historical romance fans, and will put your emotions through the ringer. Enjoy!

5 Stars!



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