Book Review ~ ‘Jessica’s Christmas Kiss’ by Alison May.


Jessica’s Christmas Kiss by Alison May
(Christmas Kisses #3)
Genres: Romance, Contemporary,
Release Date: December 13th 2015.




Real Christmas miracles only ever happen in the movies – don’t they?

When Jessica was fifteen, she shared the perfect kiss with a mystery boy at a Christmas party. It might have only lasted a moment, and the boy might have disappeared shortly afterwards but, to Jessica, it was just a little bit magic.

Fourteen years later, and Jessica is faced with a less than magical Christmas after uncovering her husband’s secret affair. And, whilst she wouldn’t admit it, she sometimes finds herself thinking about that perfect Christmas kiss, back when her life still seemed full of hope and possibility.

But she never would have guessed that the boy she kissed in the kitchen all those years ago might still think about her too …



Book Review ~ ‘Jessica’s Christmas Kiss’ by Alison May ~ 5 Stars!

What a lovely, heart-warming festive read! Alison May knows how to pack in the feel-good feels and the heart-string tugs all in one beautiful package.

The third in the ‘Christmas Kisses’ series (akthough can be read as a standalone) we are invited into Jessica’s world of pain, insecurity and rejection as she strives to make Christmas special with her husband after discovering earlier in the year that he’d been having an affair. We see Jessica as a fifteen year old romantic, who shares her first kiss with an enigmatic stranger at a Christmas party, become a worn-down wife to a different man. Alison May brilliantly highlighted the changes that life had made of Jessica, and from the get-go, I really wanted her to get her happy ending.

Lucas was the perfect hero. With a secret past, and many painful memories and regret which hold him back from living his life to the full, he is a true gentleman who made me smile. His relationship with his housemates was so great to read, and I laughed at their scenes together. And when Jessica is going through the worst time in her life, Lucas is there for her, and together they begin to live their life the way they feel they deserve.

I adored this little story that takes place over three different time-zones. The character development was brilliant and there was some heart-melting moments, as well as some tearful ones.

5 Stars!


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