New Release + Review ~ ‘Drake / Keir: Girl Wife Prisoner Retold’ by Hanna Peach.


Girl Wife Prisoner Complete Box Set by Hanna Peach
Drake / Keir: Girl Wife Prisoner Retold
(Keir was previously released as Utterly Irreversibly)
Release Date: 17 November, 2015


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Girl Wife Prisoner by Hanna Peach
(Girl Wife Prisoner #1)

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This affair will destroy them all.

This is a specially priced complete Girl Wife Prisoner box set.

Girl Wife Prisoner

Drake Blackwell is successful, controlling, and hiding a violent family past. He just made his latest investment: Noriko.

Imported from Japan and wed to a stranger, Noriko struggles to stick to the rules of a Good Wife. Drake can’t seem to love her, not the way she wants to be loved. She dreams of freedom beyond the gates of Blackwell Manor.

She meets Keir, a passionate young gardener who shares her desire to break free. He gets under her skin and ignites a fire in her she can’t ignore. In the midst of her quiet desperation she thinks she has found happiness. And a glimpse of hope.

But this affair can’t last…can it?

There is a darkness lingering, but not how you’d expect. There are monsters, but not as you usually know them. The truth is, in this story, no one is completely innocent. And it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Girl Wife Prisoner has a NEW cover for the Drake / Keir release.


~ See My Review for ‘Girl Wife Prisoner’ ~

Drake/Keir: Girl Wife Prisoner Retold
(Girl Wife Prisoner Novellas)

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I am Drake Blackwell. Some call me a monster, a wicked husband, a terrible son. It’s so easy to vilify me, isn’t it?

But I’m not the cheater. I’m not the wife stealer.

Noriko was mine. She was my wife. I could have made her happy if it just wasn’t for him. That gardener boy will have his chance to tell you his side of the story.

Here’s the truth.


What if…

Noriko and I.

You already know our story. So you know how it ends. I’m sorry. Some things are irreversible.

But others things, things like dreams for example, are not. Dreams are fluid as water, as changeable as the memory of the dreamer. Perhaps, then, I may be given license to re-tell our story the way I dreamed it. The way it should have been…

This is Girl Wife Prisoner told from Keir and Drake’s alternative perspectives. Please finish Girl Wife Prisoner before reading this book as it contains spoilers.

WARNING: This is not your typical romance. For ages 18+. There are scenes in this novel that infer or allude to physical violence.





That was her name.

And now she was Noriko Blackwell. She was my Riko. My wife.

She was waiting for me beyond this door. I lifted my fist to knock and found I had to clear a tiny knot in my throat. Was I…nervous?

Ridiculous. Mr. Blackwell, CEO of Blackwell Industries, did not get nervous. I smoothed down my freshly washed hair and knocked.

I opened her door, stepped inside her bedroom and faced her fully to take in my first look at my wife.

She stood across the room, her fragile body precarious in a pair of towering heels, a black dress that hugged her tiny waist and skimmed over her slim hips. Her dark long hair framed her sweet face, her lashes cast down, her lips a natural pink.


“Mr. Blackwell,” she said, her voice as soft as falling snow.

“Please, call me Drake. Are they all treating you well?”

“Very well.”

“Good. Very good. Do you like it here?”

“I do, sir.”

Sir. She spoke to me like I was her teacher. “Noriko, you’re my wife. Call me Drake.”

“Yes, sir, I mean, Drake.”

“Come closer.”

She took several wobbly steps towards me, stopping just past halfway across the room. Not nearly close enough. I closed the gap between us in two strides, causing her to gasp.

Her onyx eyes, wide and pointed at the corners reminding me of a cat’s, caught my gaze before darting away to stare at the ground. Her mouth was a tightly closed rosebud and a pale pink color. She didn’t have any lipstick on. In fact, she was barely wearing any makeup, just a touch of mascara darkening her lashes. A natural beauty if I ever saw one. “You’re even more beautiful in real life.”

“Thank you.”

I lifted my finger to her cheek to feel her skin. Damn. She was softer than anything I had ever touched. A blush deepened under her pale skin. Was she this soft everywhere else? I traced down her neck and to her shoulder where I flicked off one shoulder strap, then the other.

Time to see exactly what I had acquired.

“Turn around.”

She obeyed. She smelled fresh, uncluttered by expensive perfumes that women usually wore like a cloud around them. Just a hint of coconut. Her shampoo, perhaps. I wanted to press my nose into her hair to make sure. But I restrained myself. I didn’t want to scare her any more than necessary.

I brushed her locks aside to access the opening of her dress. My cock hardened at the sound her zipper made as I drew it down. When I let go her dress dropped obediently to the floor.



“What?” she said, her voice curt and forced. “No veiled insult, no smirk or scowl for me?”

Her words stung me like a slap on the face. She was angry at me and I deserved it.

But she hadn’t let go of me. I stared down at our fingers laced together, such a contrast to her voice.

She was trying to push me away. She was doing what I had been trying to do these last few days. Why would she do that unless…

I looked back up to her. Our faces were so close that I could just make out where her dark pupils turn into irises. She was so lovely, like a painting that God did by hand. She was too lovely for me. Too lovely.

“Noriko, if I ever say anything to try to repulse you it’s only because…I’m scared of you.”

“Scared of me?”

“Yes.” My heart accelerated and my chest tightened. Now that I had started admitting things to her, I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t even think of stopping. I just felt. “Scared of how you make me feel things that I know I shouldn’t feel.” I wanted to kiss her perfect petal lips. I wanted to take them into my mouth and suck them softly. Would she like it? Would she moan for me? I moved closer to her, drawn by something more powerful than I could resist. She didn’t pull away. “And you make me want to do…things I shouldn’t do.”


Book Review ~ ‘Drake/Keir: Girl Wife Prisoner Retold’ by Hanna Peach ~ 5 Stars!

Let’s start with Drake.

Oh Drake, how misunderstood you are, how desperate for love, but so incapable of understanding how to give it. I was so excited to read Drake’s story as to me, despite everything, he is the most tragic character in this series. We see so many sides of him; the controlling, emotionally abusive husband; the man looking for a trophy wife; the employer with no redeeming qualities; a ruthless business man; and then finally, right at the last moment; a real man, who loves with his whole damaged heart, but has no idea of how to treat someone he cares for. It is heartbreaking, and so, so well done that I had tears in my eyes seeing his side of the story. We wonder what would have happened if Keir hadn’t worked at the house, if Niko and Drake could have worked out together how their marriage should work, and how he may have approached things differently if he had ever seen a relationship based on love and trust.

And then we have Keir, Keir who I love so much, who knows how to behave in love, knows what love means, and wants to be with someone, and not be the owner of them. It is the difference between Drake and Keir’s understanding that is so striking. Love for Drake is something he associates with possession, whereas Keir sees is as freedom. Keir and Noriko’s story was one that tugged on the heartstrings, and had me angry, raging, but so satisfied, as everything ended the only way it could. But in Keir’s novella we have our heart healed just a little. We see Keir’s own experience of falling in love with Noriko, we get to see the utter strength it takes for him to let his guard down, and how right the two are for each other in a whole new way. It is short, but it packs a punch, and it gives you hope that there is love after death, and maybe, just maybe your loved ones can watch over you and wish a bright future for you.

5 Stars!



Hanna Peach

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Hanna is the bestselling author of the Bound romantic suspense series and the Dark Angel fantasy series. Although she writes in more than one genre she can’t write a book without weaving together a complicated plot and filling it with twists. She writes what she believes: good people can do bad things, ordinary people can do great things, and choose love above everything.

Eternally restless, Hanna has lived in Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Scotland, England, Croatia and Ireland – everything she owns fits into one suitcase. She’s planning her next move with her gorgeous (and understanding) partner right now.

If not writing, she can be found wandering a dusty market in Marrakesh or trekking a mountain in Peru, often using her travels as settings in her novels.

To WIN a copy of her next release join her VIP Readers Group:

One thought on “New Release + Review ~ ‘Drake / Keir: Girl Wife Prisoner Retold’ by Hanna Peach.

  1. christina10916 says:

    “She didn’t have any lipstick on. In fact, she was barely wearing any makeup, just a touch of mascara darkening her lashes. A natural beauty if I ever saw one.”
    For Japanese, it’s proper etiquette (the polite thing to do) to wear makeup when meeting people (from what I heard), and even though Noriko is only meeting her husband, since it seems to me that this is their first meeting, she would/should have put on more makeup other than just “a touch of mascara”… so… this part doesn’t make since to me.
    Sorry, I’m picky. :p
    but other than that, I’m interested in seeing how the author wrote the interaction between East and West.

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