Book Review ~ ‘Girl Wife Prisoner’ by Hanna Peach.



Girl Wife Prisoner by Hanna Peach
A Good Wife #1
Genres: Dark, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: 19th September 2015.




How far would you go to set yourself free?

Drake Blackwell is successful, controlling, and hiding a violent family past. He just made his latest investment: Noriko.

Imported from Japan, alone, and wed to a stranger, Noriko struggles to stick to the Rules of a Good Wife. Drake can’t seem to love her, not the way she wants to be loved. She dreams of freedom beyond the gates of Blackwell Manor.

She meets Keir, a passionate young gardener who shares her desire to break free. He gets under her skin and ignites a fire in her she can’t ignore. In the midst of her quiet desperation she thinks she has found happiness. And a glimpse of hope.

But this affair can’t last…can it?

Although part of a series, this is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger.
WARNING: For ages +18. There are scenes in this novel that infer or allude to physical violence.


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Almost a full head taller than me, he towered over me as he glared down at me. “What do you want, hime?”

For a second I was so taken aback I couldn’t speak. Hime is the Japanese word for princess. My chichi − my father − called me hime.

My surprise turned back into anger when I realized he was using the term as an insult. “I demand you show me around my gardens.”

He laughed. “I’m not your personal tour guide. Ask your husband to do it.” He turned to walk away.

Of all the rude, arrogant, insolent, rude−

I was so furious I just reacted. I grabbed his arm, whirling him around to face me. Our eyes locked. He froze, his mouth slightly parted, air sucking back into him.

His eyes were the richest, deepest brown I had ever seen, like melted chocolate with flecks of a lighter pecan brown. His lashes were so naturally thick and black that they seemed almost rimmed with kohl. They drew me in and held me like a lover’s grip. I forgot what I was about to yell at him. I forgot why I was even mad. I almost forgot how to keep myself breathing.

He glanced down and I followed his gaze. He was staring at my hand still on his arm, my fingers barely reaching halfway around his forearm. I felt the strength in his marble-sculpted muscle, the smoothness of his skin under my palm, the heat radiating from the blood that flowed through his veins.

Oh God. I was touching him.

I snatched my hand away. His eyes darted back up to my face.

“Yes?” he said, the word filled with impatience.

“You work for my husband,” I said.

“That’s right. I work for your husband. I don’t work for you.”

“If he were here−”

“He’s not here.”

“If he were here,” I said louder, “he would tell you to take me around the gardens. So do it. Now.”

He glared back at me, defiance flaring in his eyes, his cheek twitching as he tensed his jaw. The air between us filled with a thick, hot electricity. I got the distinctive feeling I had met my stubbornness match.

“And if I don’t?” he said.

He was challenging me. How far would I go to get what I wanted?

“You wouldn’t like that answer,” my voice slid out with menace.

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Book Review ~ ‘Girl Wife Prisoner’ by Hanna Peach ~ 5+ Stars!

Hanna Peach just knows how to hit every dot. ‘Girl Wife Prisoner’ was absolute perfection! Seriously, like 100% amazing! I sobbed, clutched my chest like my heart was breaking, but it was perfect in every way!

I was first introduced to Hanna Peach by her ‘Bound’ duet, and I knew right away that this was a writer with a LOT of talent! (If you haven’t read the ‘Bound’ duo, you simply must!) So needless to say I was super excited to get my hands on ‘Girl Wife Prisoner’. It is a very different story, but still captures that dark, uncertain essence that really spoke to me in ‘Bound’, and I literally devoured this book in hours, it was that good!

Noriko was a heroine that you have to come to understand, which is what made this reading experience so powerful. She had secrets, ones that are hid from the reader for a little while, and the pace at which her story is told, and how she adjusts to life in the US after leaving her family in Japan, was timed to perfection. As a reader you will want the best for this young, naive girl who knows so little of the world, yet you will fear for her as she fights for her right to freedom. I really loved seeing how her relationship with Drake turned, and how at first you almost wanted to root for them, so that she could be happy in her marriage, until you see the darker side to his life. These two characters had such fantastic scenes, where we really see how their relationship affects their psychological health. Seeing Noriko gradually come to understand and accept the reality of her situation had me a bundle of nerves!

Keir was a superb character, who I fell for in an instant, which is what made his passionate fight for a relationship with Niko and their subsequent quest for freedom all the more heartbreaking. This really is a story that you need to read to see what I mean, but although you will cry and rage, you will not want to change a single thing of his and Niko’s story!

5+ Stars!

*Review copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*


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Hanna Peach

Hanna is the bestselling author of the Bound romantic suspense series and the Dark Angel fantasy series. Although she writes in more than one genre she can’t write a book without weaving together a complicated plot and filling it with twists. She writes what she believes: good people can do bad things, ordinary people can do great things, and choose love above everything.

Eternally restless, Hanna has lived in Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Scotland, England, Croatia and Ireland – everything she owns fits into one suitcase. She’s planning her next move with her gorgeous (and understanding) partner right now.

If not writing, she can be found wandering a dusty market in Marrakesh or trekking a mountain in Peru, often using her travels as settings in her novels.

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  2. hannapeach says:

    I’m so glad you loved Girl Wife Prisoner! Thank you so much for your well-thought out and detailed review. I especially love how you focused on each main character and their relationships 😀 Can’t wait for you to read Utterly Irreversibly! xx Hanna

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