5+ Star Book Review ~ ‘For Love & Bourbon’ by Katie Jennings.


For Love & Bourbon by Katie Jennings.
Genres: Romance, Contemporary.
Release Date: August 4th 215.




Along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail lies a distillery that’s a cut above the rest. For years, the Brannon family has perfected their signature whiskey. Ava Brannon, the new face of Lucky Fox Whiskey, dedicates her life to preserving that legacy. When Special Agent Cooper Lawson comes to investigate her father for his ties to the Irish Republican Army, she has no choice but to face the deadly secrets of her family’s past. Only nothing is as it seems, and her burning attraction to Cooper could either be a recipe for disaster or her saving grace.



Book Review ~ ‘For Love & Bourbon’ by Katie Jennings ~ 5+ Stars!

Sheer perfection!

Whenever Katie Jennings announces she is releasing a new book, I squeal like the fangirl I am. No matter what the storyline, the setting, the characters, I always know that I will be in for a great reading experience. With ‘For Love & Bourbon’ I yet again fell in love with Jennings’ beautifully poetic writing, that can balance humour and emotion perfectly.

In ‘For Love & Bourbon’ we are introduced the the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and the world of a whiskey distillery. There is a brilliant mix of well-researched information and fun character interactions, which never makes your feel like the world of perfecting Whiskey is being info-dumped. Instead I craved the details I was being given, and loved the passion with which our heroine, Ava Brannon shared her knowledge with visitors.

There is so much to this book which brilliantly highlights the issues of todays world. We are introduced to the dangerous world of the IRA, and the rifts secrets can cause between the closest of families. I adored all the scenes where we saw Ava with her Grandfather and Father, and how conflicted she was when she came began to doubt whether or not she could trust the people she’d always called family.

And the beautiful Cooper! *sigh* Every one of Katie Jennings’ glorious literary heroes just cements the fact that I will be alone forever. How wonderful Cooper was! I adored the witty banter, yet the obvious connection that he and Ava had, I to see him struggle with the choice between his work and his need to continue his father’s legacy, and his obvious feelings for Ava, made the story so heartfelt that I just had to know whether they could make it work.

Another 5+ Star read from Katie Jennings. If you haven’t read any of her books yet, then what are you waiting for, because seriously, you are missing out big time! ❤


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