5++ Star Book Review ~ ‘The Offering’ by Grace McClean.


The Offering by Grace McClean.
Genres: Literature/Fiction (Adult)
Publisher: Sceptre (Hodder & Stoughton)




A stunning novel about faith, innocence and sin, the tale of an unusual rite of passage with terrible consequences by the prize-winning young author of The Land of Decoration.

It was the year when Madeline’s family moved to an island her father believed God had guided him to.

It was a place where she revelled in the natural beauty of their surroundings.

It was a time of euphoria, but also of successive disasters.

It was the night Madeline turned fourteen, when she did something she thought would save her beloved mother. Something so traumatic that she cannot now recall it, but her suave new psychiatrist thinks he knows how to unlock her memory. He is treading on very dangerous ground.



Book Review ~ ‘The Offering’ by Grace McClean ~ 5++ Stars!

WOW! 5++ Stars!

#3WordReview ~ ‘Hypnotic, Eerie, Outstanding!’

I’ve been drawn to ‘The Offering’ every time I walk past it at the branch of Waterstones I work at. After having finished it, I honestly am kicking myself for not picking it up and reading it sooner! I mean; wow! What an astonishing, heart-felt and brilliantly written book this was.

With beautiful lyrical prose, which switches seamlessly from short and direct when we see Madeline at the mental health facility where she is a patient, to wonderfully descriptive, meaningful descriptions of her childhood and search for God, which is accompanied by a prayer-like reverence.

Grace McClean did an outstanding job at creating such a well-rounded character, and brilliantly paced novel. Not once did I feel myself tiring of Madeline’s time in the mental health facility, or of her time as a child. They switched at the perfect points and this was a great way of keeping the suspense high, as I picked up clues along with Madeline.

McClean also made this story so relatable to everyday issues, without trying to fit too much in. With the issues of mental health and how religion can take over the mind, this novel incorporated so much of the real world whilst keeping it detailed as though through the limited scope of a young girl who knows nothing of the outside world.

This story really was something special. I connected to Madeline, and McClean’s honest portrayal of childhood life brought back memories of my own childhood. A stunning, stunning book!
5++ Stars!

*Review copy was kindly provided the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*


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