New Release + Book Review ~ ‘Caught in Us’ by Layla Hagen.


Caught in Us by Layla Hagen
Lost #3
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: 3rd August 2015.

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Dani Cohen knows Damon is trouble the second he walks in during senior year. He has bad boy written all over him. . .from his arrogant smirk to his perfectly toned abs. He is arrogant, intense, rebellious.

Dani has her future all planned out. She’s not the type to fall for a bad boy, no matter how panty-melting his grin is or how shamelessly he flirts. But something about Damon draws her in, awakening a desire she’s never felt. Slowly, she uncovers the secrets Damon hides: underneath his arrogance lies a tortured soul, his flirting smile masks despair.

Damon arrives in Dani’s life against his will. Carrying the scars of a dark past and facing an uncertain future, he knows he should stay away from her, but can’t. Her innocence consumes him, as does the desire to indulge in the passion igniting deep inside her.
An all-consuming bond blooms into a reckless love. But when mistakes from the past threaten their already fragile future, can their love survive?

A steamy and emotional full-length, standalone love story from the USA Today Bestselling author of Withering Hope.



Book Review ~ ‘Caught in Us’ by Layla Hagen ~ 5 Stars!

What a gorgeous, feel-good, beautifully written instalment of the ‘Lost’ series by Layla Hagen.

I adored this series right from the word go. Layla Hagen has a talent with writing romance. She doesn’t make it gushy, she makes it real, and with that comes pain, and lots of smiles. ‘Caught in Us’ is no exception, and I was wrenched into Dani and Damon’s beautiful teenage romance, which left me smiling, wiping away tears and laughing; a lot.

Damon was a swoon-worthy hero. Dark, dangerous, with a chip on his shoulder, he is the bad-boy that Dani would never normally fall for, but as Dani falls for him, I did too. Learning his backstory and the pain he’s desperate to hide, I really connected with him and loved seeing how through his love for Dani, he knew that he had to become a better person in order to deserve Dani. It was a journey that was at times sad but one that I loved seeing as a reader.

This book has a slightly different feel to those earlier in the series as it feels a lot more light-hearted, but this doesn’t at all make Dani and Damon’s relationship or their struggles seem any less meaningful. I felt them from the start, and I loved watching how they grew as separate people and as a couple. I also loved the timeline in this story. We start in Dani’s senior year of high school, and follow her and Damon’s relationship up until their mid-twenties. The friends and family that join their story along the way are all multi-dimensional, believable characters, some of whom are familiar from the first two books, and I loved seeing how their lives interconnect with Dani’s.

A gorgeous addition to the ‘Lost’ series. 5 Stars!


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