Book Review ~ ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’ by Jane Lovering.


I Don’t Want to Talk About It by Jane Lovering
(Yorkshire Romances #5)
Genres: Romance, Adult, Contemporary.
Release Date: July 31st 2015.
Publisher: Choc Lit




What if the one person you wanted to talk to wouldn’t listen?

Winter Gregory and her twin sister Daisy live oceans apart but they still have the ‘twin thing’ going on. Daisy is Winter’s port in the storm, the first person she calls when things go wrong …

And things are wrong. Winter has travelled to a remote Yorkshire village to write her new book, and to escape her ex-boyfriend Dan Bekener. Dan never liked her reliance on Daisy and made her choose – but Winter’s twin will always be her first choice.

She soon finds herself immersed in village life after meeting the troubled Hill family; horse-loving eight-year-old Scarlet and damaged, yet temptingly gorgeous, Alex. The distraction is welcome and, when Winter needs to talk, Daisy is always there.

But Dan can’t stay away and remains intent on driving the sisters apart – because Dan knows something about Daisy…



Book Review ~ ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’ by Jane Lovering ~ 6 Stars!

What can I say in this review? I mean, I know that the Choc Lit authors are the best when it comes to romance. I’ve loved every single one I’ve read, by each author. The stories are always so well written and are satisfying in a way that I always feel makes them more powerful than some other books in the genre. But wow, Jane Lovering has just made the standard EVEN HIGHER with ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It.’ Forget 5 star ratings, where’s the 6 stars??

Winter’s story is really one that you will have to experience for yourself, as to give anything away in this review would really spoil what was an amazing reading experience for me and will hopefully be to other readers. It doesn’t follow the typical pattern or girl meets boy, love, drama, make-up and happily ever after, but draws in so many other extras and details that make this story feel so real. Despite Winter being our main narrator, she is just one of four characters who I would label ‘protagonists’. Alex, a young man, suffering from a stammer after the death of his sister, Scarlet his niece who he has taken into his care, and Daniel, Winter’s dog-with-a-bone ex-boyfriend, who just keeps popping up to make her life difficult.

You think you know where this story is going? You really don’t. I changed directions so many times, felt as confused as Winter as she tries to move on with her life, and formed and broke alliances with each character as new information came to light. All I knew is that it was wrong to try to keep Winter away from her twin sister Daisy. Or was it?

There are some amazing twists and turns in this story, that you make pick up on earlier than the reveal like I did, but in doing so I didn’t feel any less shocked by the story that unfolded. You will laugh, cry and then cry a bit more. Have a box of tissues handy, because this really is a sucker-punch of a story that is still on my mind long after I turned the last page! This is a book that I will definitely be buying for my paperback collection! ❤

6 Stars!

* Review copy was kindly provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*



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3 thoughts on “Book Review ~ ‘I Don’t Want to Talk About It’ by Jane Lovering.

  1. janelovering says:

    Thank you! A 6* review…wow….Really very glad that you loved the book so much. x

  2. sherylbrowne says:

    Oh, wow!! What a truly fab review. Well done, Jane! Thanks for sharing, Sorcha. Have you stopped sobbing into your tissues yet? 😉 xx

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