Book Review ~ ‘The Wedding Reject Table’ by Angela Britnell.


The Wedding Reject Table by Angela Britnell.
(Nashville Connections #2)
Genres: Romance, Adult, Contemporary.
Publisher: ChocLit




Once on the reject table, always on the reject table? 
When Maggie Taylor, a cake decorator, and Chad Robertson, a lawyer from Nashville Tennessee, meet at a wedding in Cornwall it’s not under the best circumstances.
They have both been assigned to ‘the reject table’, alongside a toxic collection of grumpy great aunts, bitter divorcees and stuffy organists.
Maggie has grown used to being the reject, although when Chad helps her out of a wedding cake disaster she begins to wonder whether the future could hold more for her.
But will Chad be strong enough to deal with the other problems in Maggie’s life? Because a ruined cake isn’t the only issue she has – not by a long shot.

2nd novella in the Nashville Connections series. First: What Happens in Nashville.



Book Review ~ ‘The Wedding Reject Table’ by Angela Britnell ~ 5 Stars!
Oh wow, this was seriously so much fun! I loved ‘What Happens in Nashville’ by Angela Britnell and after finishing ‘The Wedding Reject Table’ I just know that all her books will be favourites of mine.

Maggie Taylor is a cake decorator who, partnered with her temperamental sister, is catering her best friend’s wedding. You’d hope this would mean a prime seat for the speeches and such, but no; instead she is assigned to the ‘Wedding Reject Table’. What starts out as a really fun concept, with Maggie’s table companions being divorcees, old women and single, desperate young girls and the gorgeous Nashville lawyer Chad, turns into a meaningful tale of the power of forgiveness, family and taking a chance at love.

Sometimes with short stories and novellas, there can be a lack of character development, or an info-dump of backstory, but in ‘The Wedding Reject Table’ Angela Britnell has shown how it should be done. Maggie and Chad’s relationship develops so naturally and doesn’t feel at all forced, especially when the truth about Maggie’s family situation and strained relationship with her sister is explained. With Chad, she learns to live for herself, and with Maggie, Chad learns how important family is, and how he wants to make amends with his own brother. Maggie and Chad’s romance was a beautifully written story and I loved every second of it, especially when they bantered so naturally with each other.

A heart-warming tale, this is a definite must read, especially if you are looking for something a bit shorter, but which still packs a punch!

5 Stars!


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2 thoughts on “Book Review ~ ‘The Wedding Reject Table’ by Angela Britnell.

  1. angelabritnell says:

    You just made my day! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the book so much and I’m hoping there will be another Nashville Connections novella before too long!

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