Book Review ~ ‘I Need You’ by Jane Lark.


I Need You by Jane Lark
(Starting Out #3)
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary





Guilt can eat away at you, but love can cut like a knife…

Lusting after his best friend’s girlfriend is a cliché Billy knows well – it’s the tightrope he’s walked for years.

But now Jason and Lindy have broken up and Billy can’t help but be there for the girl he’s loved from afar for so long. She’s hurting.

Fighting to find a road to the future, Lindy’s heart hurts. She’s trying to escape the truth, but Billy keeps making her face it – and it’s ugly. How can she keep living when everything is made of glass and it keeps shattering?

Her one constant is Billy. Only, rebound isn’t his style and when Lindy starts to see him in a different light, he just can’t trust her. He’s no one’s second best.



Book Review ~ ‘I Need You’ by Jane Lark ~ 5 Stars!

A stunning addition to the ‘Starting Out’ Series. Billy and Lindy’s story will have you tearing up and smiling! I am a huge fan of this series by Jane Lark, as every time she introduces us to a new couple, and the struggles they face to be together, I always connect with them so deeply, and really root for them to get their happy ending.

Billy and Lindy’s journey was a really exciting one for me as a reader as getting to know the girl who at one point was the nemesis to Rachel, a character I had grown to care for, I was intrigued to see how Lindy justified her hurtful actions. Jane Lark portrayed Lindy to perfection! I loved getting inside her mind and seeing the real damage she hid behind the seemingly perfect, snobby girl who I’d greatly disliked in ‘I Found You’.

Billy and Lindy’s relationship was really beautiful to witness. Getting to see Lindy come out of her shell, confide in someone, and finally begin to love herself and her body was heartwarming. From seeing the Lindy’s lack of self-confidence at the beginning of the novel the transformation she made was inspiring, and I think will resonate with many young readers who find it difficult to see their true beauty.

Billy was another swoon worthy hero given to us by Jane Lark, and I loved him from the get go. I was really pleased to see that he and Jason had repaired their relationship, and how he felt strongly enough about Lindy to berate Jason for letting Lindy’s self-doubt fester for so many years.

This was a heartwarming tale which sees the once unlikable Lindy in a new light, and tells the story of her blossoming under Billy’s love, which will make you laugh, smile and cry in equal measure. 5 Stars!



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Review copy was kindly provided by the author through Xpresso Review Opportunities in exchange for an honest review



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