Book Review ~ ‘Journeys Into Darkness’ Edited by Trevor Denyer.


Journeys Into Darkness ed. by Trevor Denyer
Genres: Anthology, Short Stories, Horror, Dark Fantasy, Sci-fi, Slip-Stream.

Journeys Into Darkness




Remember the magazine? Remember the quality. Now the first Midnight Street Anthology is here. Journeys Into Darkness is a collection of stories from some of the best in the business. There are favourites from the magazine, fantastic reprints AND new stories.

Dedicated to the Late, Great JOEL LANE, the book features one of his outstanding and provocative stories, never before published in the UK, and appearing only once in the USA.

Also included is Trevor Denyer’s exclusive and revealing Midnight Street interview with Joel. Also: Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub, Stephen Gallagher, Simon Clark, Nina Allan, Rosanne Rabinowitz, Paul Finch, Allen Ashley, Gary Couzens, Ralph Robert Moore, Maynard Sims, Elliot Smith.

Edited by Trevor Denyer. Cover illustration by Nicole Day




Book Review ~ ‘Journeys Into Darkness’ Edited by Trevor Denyer ~ 5 Stars!

If you are looking for an unnerving, spooky and chill inducing set of stories just in time for Halloween, then The ‘Journeys Into Darkness’ anthology is a definite must for you. Dedicated to the late Joel Lane, this anthology is the first to be released from the Midnight Street Imprint, and contains an incredible collection of horror, dark fantasy, sci-fi and slip-stream stories by a group of very talented authors.

Every story in this book adds another thrilling dimension to the collection. No two stories are the same, yet every one manages to bring out the tingles on your skin as you chance a quick look behind you, and a moment of decision of whether or not to turn your light out when you go to sleep. I feel these are the signs of a really well-written dark story, and this collection is full of them.

Ramsey Campbell’s ‘Again’ started the collection off to a thrilling start, with the sights he witnesses inside a mysterious bungalow will leave even those with nerves of steel feeling unnerved, whilst ‘Traffic’ by Elliott Smith plays with a dark sci-fi element that seems eerily realistic of a car filled future. Gary Couzens adds an element of dark humour to his story ‘After the Party’, with some brilliantly portrayed characters and a dark tale of a suspicious death. ‘Dead Man’s Handle’ by Stephen Gallagher was another brilliantly told piece, which brings the added horror of the deadly antics of humans, as opposed to fantastical creatures.

I thoroughly enjoyed Peter Straub’s Experimental piece ‘Lapland, or Film Noir’ and was intrigued at how well this worked within the collection. ‘The Return of the Pikart Posse’ by Rosanne Rabinowitz was a beautiful addition to the collection and I adored the beautiful prose that was woven within Evelyn’s story. Simon Clark’s ‘Amen’ made me shiver and showed an incredible talent of creating a story and well-developed character in such a short word count. The emotion behind ‘I Hear His Footsteps Drawing Near’ by Maynard Sims was just breathtaking and I really felt for the characters left behind after their father and husband’s death.

As with any anthology there are a few stories that really stood out to me as a reader, possibly due to the way that the story drew me in. In particular Nina Allan’s two part story ‘En Saga’ was so profound with the switch in generation and the ghostly similarities between the mother and daughter’s misfortunes. ‘Creeping Blue’ by Allan Ashley added a eerie psychological tone to his story and I loved the way that we were given an insight into the character’s mind and the reasons behind his fear of infection. I loved the character development in ‘No Such Thing As Sin’ by Paul Finch, and I really connected with both Dominic and Simone, and really felt Simone’s pain and fear as well as Dominic’s worry for her sanity. And finally ‘Ralph Robert Moore’s ‘When They Come For You, They’ll Look Normal’ was an incredible, heart-pounding read. The way that he paced this story, making the threat become more and more fearful throughout was brilliantly done, and I loved the ways that the threat began to turn the family members against each other.

This was an action-packed, thrilling anthology which I recommend to those who love anthologies, and are looking for a collection with a little something different.

5 Stars!

*Review Copy kindly provided by the editor in exchange for an honest review*



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