Book Spotlight ~ ‘Family Law vs The Godfather: Fiction with Full Dramatic License’ by An Gore.


Family Law vs The Godfather by An Gore.
Fiction with Full Dramatic License
(Credit Crunch: From Vadovia with Hate Book 1)
Genres: Legal Fiction, Crime.





Vadovia is an imaginary country. Its culture is anti-whistleblower. Its economy is dominated by its ‘banking mafia’. And its sinister hit-squads silence corporate dissidents using ‘living death’ contracts based on the rule of law. Then Godfather, Hektor Ingold, puts a contract out on beautiful Adriana, using the rule of law as practiced by mercenary English family lawyers. And this is how Adriana finds herself in the gothic splendour of London’s Royal Courts of Justice and pitted against Bendt, her Vadovian ex-husband, for custody of their baby son, Robert. ‘Family Law vs The Godfather’ is fiction with full dramatic license.



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