Book Review ~ ‘The Devil’s Contract’ by Claire Contreras!


The Devil’s Contract by Claire Contreras
(Contracts and Deceptions #1)
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Romance.

The Devil's Contract by Claire Contreras






He gave them a choice.

She took it.

He made her promise two years.

She should have known there was a catch.




Book Review ~ ‘The Devil’s Contract’ by Claire Contreras ~ 5 Stars!

‘The Devil’s Contract’ was just mind-blowingly awesome! This was the first book I’d read by the author, and I knew within the first few pages that it wouldn’t be the last. ‘The Devil’s Contract’ tells the emotional, heartbreaking yet also powerful and inspirational of our young heroine Amara, who will do anything to protect and help those that she loves, even if it means giving up her rights as a human being.

I loved the dark undertones throughout this book which would twist and writhe throughout the different characters storylines, building and crashing down at multiple interviews throughout the book. This made the book so unique in terms of pacing and I just adored the unexpected and constant twists in the story that had my mind blown! I adored the whole storyline that included Chloe/Courtenay and portrayed a very different, but very real interpretation of some practices such as the strong relationships formed between the females who work together, and the protective stances they take over each other and shared love that in some ways can be even more touching than the most beautiful and passionate of romantic relationships.

But the winner in this book for me, which made me connect to it on such a deep level was the wonderful creation of Colin. My heart just broke for him and Amara as I could feel the connection between them, even after their painful separation and the miles between them. The cliff-hanger at the end of this book almost killed me, and was such a game changer that I can’t wait to see how this effects their relationship in the next book, because damn was that just amazing, hot and thrilling!

I think some readers may not understand Amara’s reasoning for not telling Colin the truth by her leaving, and in some ways I can agree, but she left everything she knew out of fear and love for her friends and family, and that made Amara, for me, the bravest and most amazing heroine for this book and despite my heartbreak over her and Colin’s separation and the way that she felt he was slipping from her, I really felt that the strength of her love for her mother made her so admirable and had me raging at both her father and Philip for taking advantage of her good nature and her desire to protect her mother.

This book just blew my mind and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book! Hurry up release date!!! ❤

5 stars!


*Review copy was provided by the author through Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review*



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