Book Review ~ ‘The Second Time I Saw You’ by Pippa Croft.


The Second Time I Saw You by Pippa Croft
Oxford Blue #2
Genres: Romance, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary

The Second Time I Saw You (Oxford Blue #2) by Pippa Croft




Lauren and Alexander’s journey continues in the second novel in Pippa Croft’s Oxford Blue romance series.

It’s the beginning of a new term at Wyckham College, Oxford, and a fresh start for Lauren Cusack. Her fingers were badly burnt when a whirlwind romance with gorgeous English aristocrat, Alexander Hunt, became too hot to handle – and now she’s determined to keep her distance.

Her resolve is shaken when Alexander appears on her doorstep – he’s been completely torn apart by some devastating news. Lauren knows that she should stay away, but their chemistry is undeniable and she soon finds herself back in Alexander’s arms.

Can Lauren handle the drama that comes with Alexander Hunt? Or will she have to sacrifice the most exhilarating passion she’s ever known . . .

Fans of E L James, Tammara Webber and Beth Kery won’t be able to get enough of Pippa Croft’s Oxford Blue romance series. The First Time We Met and The Second Time I Saw You are the first two novels in the series, followed by Third Time Lucky, which is also available to pre-order from Penguin.




Book Review ~ ‘The Second Time I Saw You’ by Pippa Croft ~ 5+ Stars!

After finishing ‘The First Time We Met’, I knew that the ‘Oxford Blue’ series was going to be a very special one, and this feeling has only intensified throughout reading ‘The Second Time I Saw You’, as I was drawn back into Lauren and Alexander’s turbulent yet stunning relationship. It feels almost like I have an addiction to these characters, and their story, of which I just can’t get enough!

‘The Second Time I Saw You’ picks up after the Christmas break in which Lauren has returned to Oxford determined to not let the memory of Alexander and their devastating break-up stop her from putting everything into her work and new start for the next semester. Only she doesn’t expect to see Alexander quite so soon after arriving.

Seeing Alexander again made me jump for joy, as I was worried that their road to each other would be a bit bumpier than it was, but I loved that the outside strains on their relationship hadn’t changed. I loved that whilst Lauren did everything she could to be there for Alexander in this book, she still held part of herself back from him, even though her feelings for him were constantly growing stronger. I loved the pacing of this book, as the author took a really interesting road in developing them as a couple. Whereas normally we’d see the hero have to win the heroine back, sometimes taking a half to a whole of a book to get there, we instead see Lauren and Alexander take up where they left off, with all the old grievances, fears and insecurities they had in the previous book unchallenged, therefore lingering in the backs of their minds and festering into another devastating crescendo of deceit, uncertainty and jealousy.

I loved to hate the return of Alexander’s ex-fiancé Valentina, as she really got me fired up and grinding my teeth, Pippa Croft did an excellent job of making me hate the woman so much, and side with Lauren when it came to her worry over Alexander’s continued correspondence with her. I can’t wait to see how Valentina’s lies and her hold over Alexander will affect the couple’s relationship in the next book and I look forward to seeing whether he will finally see the true, vindictive side of the nasty woman.

The introduction of Alexander’s sister Emma. After hearing so much about her in the first book it was wonderful to see the infamous sister for myself. Pippa Croft absolutely nailed the rebellious teenager, and made her a very relatable character for other young girls who are going through similar stresses in their life. It was heartbreaking to see the pain her father had put her through, yet the guilt she felt for retaliating by causing him problems. I loved the bond she formed with Lauren, even though at times I felt so bad for Lauren for the guilt she felt for keeping Emma’s secrets from Alexander.

This story is one that will stay with you long after finishing it, the ending of this book had me desperately tapping my kindle for the next non-existent page! What an ending! I’m in a complete state waiting for the next book, as I still feel my heart pounding in my chest when I think about it!

Another fantastic addition to the ‘Oxford Blue’ series, with the perfect blend of romance, angst, deception, and the strength of love and family.

5+ stars!


 * Review copy was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*



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