Book Review ~ ‘A Gifted Curse’ by K.N. Lee.


A Gifted Curse by K.N. Lee
Tales of Darkness
Genre: Fantasy, Short Stories.

A Gifted Curse by K.N. Lee




Two tales of fantasy, darkness, and magic by award-winning paranormal fantasy author, K.N. Lee

The Last of the Jinn
Pregnant and enslaved by her own husband, Malah must find a way to steal her powers back and escape.

The Ticking Ring
Ella is an American woman that has found true love in Ireland. She never knew that the man of her dreams had a secret, or that his secret could remove her from the mortal world…

Bonus Material
Chapter One of Netherworld: The Chronicles of Koa Book One.




Book Review ~ ‘A Gifted Curse’ by K.N. Lee ~ 5 Stars!

Once again K.N. Lee has managed to astound me with her raw talent for creating such well developed fantasy worlds in such short word count. Having adored the first two books in the ongoing ‘Chronicles of Koa’ series, I knew that K.N. Lee has a incredible way with words, and these two stories showed the same fluidity of character speech and development.

It’s always difficult in short stories to bring the same level of depth to characters as you would in a full length novel, but K.N. Lee makes it look so easy. In ‘The Last of the Jinn’ I connected so deeply to heroine Malah, and really felt as though I knew her, despite only seeing a small part of her life and journey. I mournedd with Malah for the loss of her children, and I too felt the utter betrayal as he husband enslaves her to benefit from her powers. This story had my mind whirring long after I finished it, and I kept thinking back to Malah and her incredible strength.

‘The Ticking Ring’ was an absolute gem of a short story and I loved the take the author used on this well-known character, giving the story a twist that you wouldn’t initially expect from a story showing the strength of love. It was heartwrenching but still beautiful to see desperately Ella wanted to accept the man she loved, but how real life and the responsibilities she had to her family and life in America ended up enroaching in her dreams of happiness. This was a poignant and beautifully written story that will have tears in your eyes.

K.N. Lee is a fantastic author who is at the top of my to-read list with every new release.

5 Stars!



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  1. AuthorKNLee says:

    Thank you! What a beautiful review 😀

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