Book Review ~ ‘Since Forever Ago’ by Olivia Besse.


Since Forever Ago by Olivia Besse
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary

Teenager Carrying His Girlfriend




Fresh off the heels of a devastating breakup, Riley Benson is a mess. But with her ingenious plan to become a ball-busting heartbreaker herself, she’s pretty sure she’ll survive. After all, what better way is there to get revenge than to move on?

Riley’s determined to become the perfect bachelorette—she’s going to drink like a bro, belch like a beast and swear so much that she’ll make even the most seasoned sailors blush. After all, those are the qualities that every guy’s secretly looking for…. aren’t they?

Max Fletcher is in love with the girl who gave him chicken pox and his first broken leg. When his best friend seems to finally be out of the picture, he can’t help but want to keep Riley all to himself. And, after coaching her with the very best of the very worst love advice, it seems as if he might actually get what he’s wanted after all those years. But just as the two come to the realization that they’re actually kind of perfect for each other, along comes a secret that threatens to tear them apart.





 Book Review ~ ‘Since Forever Ago’ by Olivia Besse ~ Unrated

Since Forever Ago is a fresh, unique read within the New Adult Genre. I started this book unaware of any of the previous reviews of this book, so I was not influenced before I read this in anyway. For one, the cover is stunning and I’m not ashamed to say that this drew me in, as it’s all too often there are terrible covers on really good books which mean that it just won’t get the credit it deserves, so I was super pleased with the obvious care the author had put into the marketing side of this novel.

The storyline was a promising one, I loved the idea of Max sabotaging Riley’s dates in the hopes that he could win her over to himself, and I liked that there was some tension and obvious doubt when it came to Riley understanding what exactly her feelings for Max were, especially when her ex-boyfriend Noah begins to try and win her back. I also absolutely adored how the entire book was based on realistic elements of life approaching the end of college. All too often we see characters in New Adult books who are very mature for their age, which I love personally, because I felt like I could identify with them more, however in real life, college students aren’t always mature. They make stupid decisions, get drunk, party, act in a way that is far from how they should when they enter the adult world. I should know, after all I spent my first year of University sharing a flat with four very loud party-goers who represented a very stereotypical view of Students.

And it is for this reason that I myself couldn’t connect with this book, therefore think it would be unfair for me to give it a rating. I had a very stressful and traumatic university experience where I was shunned for not being like main character Riley. I felt too strongly that Riley was just everything I wasn’t, and therefore just couldn’t connect with her as a main character. The idea was so fresh, and the storyline so promising though that I made myself finish this book in order to give it a fair review, and in no way should my feelings about the main character in this book have any influence on any potential readers, because the author is obviously a very good one, who writes fluidly and creates a unique character base who I feel many young readers might identify better than I did. So I urge you to give this book a read, and make your own mind up, because as with every book, not everyone will like it, and with this one, I’m sure there is a group of readers out there who will find everything they are looking for with the characters in this story.

I will definitely read more from this author in the future, because I loved the writing style and the way the story flowed, so I look forward to seeing where this author will go next.


*Review copy was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*



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