Book Review ~ ‘Fight for Me’ by Sharon Page.


Fight For Me by Sharon Page
(Invitation to Eden; Yardley College Alumni #1)
Publication date: May 8th 2014
Genres: Adult, Erotica, Romance

Fight For Me by Sharon Page




I had to drop out of college to raise my son after his dad, bad boy MMA fighter Ryder King, and I broke up. Ryder is so haunted by demons he won’t let me into his heart. Fame, fortune, and fighting didn’t bring him any peace, and I knew, for the sake of our child, I had to leave him.

That’s when I started seeing Ryder’s best friend, Xavier Malone, a former fighter who built a billion dollar empire. Xavier is powerful and handsome, but also caring and wonderful with my son. We were friends at first and now I’m falling for him—but I’m scared to commit.

Then I receive an invitation to the island of Eden, a luxurious resort where I can live my every sensual fantasy. I’m certain Xavier sent it. But after I leave my son with my mom and fly to Eden, I discover I’m in the middle of a grudge match between Xavier and Ryder. They are going to fight for me: inside the ring in a charity match, and outside it—where they both plan to seduce the pants off me. But I have a surprise for them too.

Fight for Me is also a Yardley College Alumni story. For readers 18 years of age +




Book Review ~ ‘Fight for Me’ by Sharon Page ~ 4 Stars!

I’ve loved the other books in the ‘Invitation to Eden’ series that I have read, so was excited to read this addition to it as well. To see a single mother as the heroine also drew me in, and I was intrigued to see how Tessa juggled the caring for her child, her job to help keep her afloat, and the attentions of two men, both of whom she cares for deeply.

What I really loved about the characters in this book, is that I really didn’t have a favourite for a long time between Tessa’s ex husband ‘Ryder’, and his best friend ‘Xavier’. I felt that both men had good hearts, but had darkness inside. So it was a great change to be constantly jumping from Team Ryder, to Team Xavier and back again. It made the erotic scenes in this novel so much easier to read when I didn’t feel dedicated to one team, and let me appreciate the sensual aspects of the book more than I would have in a book where the love triangle is one sided for me.

However, I have mixed feelings about this book, mainly due to the very different story at the end from the beginning. The first two thirds of the novel I felt did suffer from a lot of bouncing around. I wasn’t quite sure where Tessa was going, as she’d express her love for one man, making me sure that she’d made a decision, only for her to admit the same thing to the other man not two pages later. I didn’t feel the development of her love for Xavier as strongly as I felt I should have, and felt that her feelings for him hadn’t really developed at a natural rate. It was about this far through the novel that I started wishing for something deeper to happen between the characters, something that would explain why it was so difficult for her to choose. I really wanted to know what exactly Tessa felt about Ryder, and really wanted to see why she wouldn’t give him another chance, especially considering how much she admitted to loving him, and that he was the father of their child.

The end third of this book however was fantastic. I was on tenterhooks throughout, and couldn’t help but wish that the whole book had been like this. I felt the book could have been condensed into this wonderful third and I would have been so much happier for reading that without all the back and forth between the men.

The suspense and mystery in this story gave me tenterhooks, and I really loved finally seeing just how close Ryder and Xavier were, as I couldn’t understand earlier on how they could be best friends when Xavier kept attempting to win Tessa. Ryder’s history was shocking and heartbreaking and it was then that I became fully on Team Ryder. The last few chapters felt like a thriller, where I gasped feeling my heart beat fast as I desperately urged them to reach their son in time.

Overall, I was mixed with this story, as I felt the first two thirds lacked in comparison to the fantastic action-packed last third of the book. Whilst the erotica was written well, I’m not overly sure how necessary it was to the plot, but I liked seeing snippets of Tessa and Ryder’s previous sex life which he brought to the table in the hopes to remind her of what they have together.

Final rating is 4 stars. 3 stars for the beginning of the book, 5 stars for the end.

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