New Release + Book Review ~ ‘Found in Us’ by Layla Hagen.


Found in Us by Layla Hagen
(Lost #2)
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: 24th July 2014





**This can be read as a STANDALONE. The second book in the Lost series tells Jessica and Parker’s story.**

All Jessica wants -as a college graduate — is to be a good girl. She landed the job of her dreams at a museum and is trying to eliminate temptations. No more short skirts (when she can help it). No wild parties. And no men.

She particularly excels at that last thing. . .

Until her path crosses Parker’s. Again. Jessica remembers the last time their paths crossed very well. She was left with a seriously bruised ego. She knows it would be best to avoid him altogether. But the charming Brit makes it hard for her to elude his electrifying pull. He is as irresistible as he is captivating.

And enigmatic.

Because underneath the sleek Armani suit and the sweet British accent that makes her crave his touch, Parker isn’t the perfect gentleman everyone thinks he is.

He’s exactly what Jessica doesn’t want, but desperately needs.

A bad, bad boy.




Book Review ~ ‘Found in Us’ by Layla Hagen ~ 5 Stars!

As soon as I knew that Jessica and Parker’s story was going to be told, I just knew that I had to read it. I loved the little hints we were given in ‘Lost in Us’ about their relationship and that as we were told nothing concrete, and Jessica seemed far too hateful towards Parker for such a short acquaintance, I just knew that something had happened between them whilst James and Serena were working through their relationship, and I just had to know what that was!

All my hopes were met when I read ‘Found in Us’, straight away I absolutely adored reading Jessica’s narrative and knew that she was going to be a character that I connected with right away. Seeing her life from her own view was so wonderful as I realised that all the impressions I had of Jessica had been from Serena’s point of view, and whilst very loving, they didn’t have nearly as much understanding behind them as we may have thought.

Jessica is hurt and damaged from her past, something that she has hidden from all of those she cares about, even Serena, and seeing her desperation to make something of herself in the world, and show not only herself but her father and those who had undermined her that she was worth something. I loved her strength and devotion even when her job becomes tough, and how determined she was to see it through herself.

‘Lost in Us’ showed a very heartbreaking and anguished side to love and trust, and whilst I adored that story, reading the sweet, heart-warming and slow burning love between Jessica and Parker in ‘Found in Us’ was just as special to me. I loved their relationship and how it wasn’t impeded by their individual pride or petty misunderstandings, but that they had to work through their problems like any other new couple would. It was slow burning in the sense that their trust in each other grew slowly, but surely throughout the novel, but the heat in the bedroom was fast-burning indeed and I could feel their chemistry leap off the page. They were a truly beautiful couple.

There’s so much more I want to say about this book and how much I loved it, but I really don’t want to spoil any of Jessica and Parker’s beautiful relationship as it really is something so special to read and witness yourself, but I will say that this is one of the most heartwarming, beautiful and brilliantly written books I have read this year. I can’t wait to see more from Layla Hagen and I’m excited to see where else she takes us.

5 Stars!

* I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review *



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