Book Review ~ ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’ by Joel Cornah.


The Sea-Stone Sword by Joel Cornah
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure.
Release Date: 21st June 2014.
Publisher: Kristell Ink





“Heroes are more than just stories, they’re people. And people are complicated, people are strange. Nobody is a hero through and through, there’s always something in them that’ll turn sour. You’ll learn it one day. There are no heroes, only villains who win.”

Rob Sardan is going to be a legend, but the road to heroism is paved with temptation and deceit. Exiled to a distant and violent country, Rob is forced to fight his closest friends for survival, only to discover his mother’s nemesis is still alive, and is determined to wipe out her family and all her allies. The only way the Pirate Lord, Mothar, can be stopped is with the Sea-Stone Sword – yet even the sword itself seems fickle, twisting Rob’s quest in poisonous directions, blurring the line between hero and villain. Nobody is who they seem, and Rob can no longer trust even his own instincts. Driven by dreams of glory, Rob sees only his future as a hero, not the dark path upon which he draws ever closer to infamy.




Book Review ~ ‘The Sea-Stone Sword’ by Joel Cornah ~ 5 Stars!

Well wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for a review copy of ‘The Sea Stone Sword’ but Joel Cornah just blew all my expectations out the window with his intriguing and conflicted characters, a brilliant, original and exciting new fantasy world, and the stunning prose throughout the novel. ‘The Sea Stone Sword’ really is a fantastic read.

I loved the way that Joel Cornah created the characters that become a driving force throughout this story. I love stories that are very much character driven, and Rob was the perfect character for us to see this world through his eyes. I loved how he wasn’t a typical hero. From the get go we knew that he was likely to get into trouble with his driving desire to become a hero, to be remembered, to make a difference. It made for some brilliant character development throughout the course of Rob’s adventure, and really set the tone for some really amazing relationships that he formed. What I really liked though was how Rob constantly made mistakes. It can get a bit unrealistic when the hero of the story is perfect all the time, so to see Rob’s conflicted feelings, his desire to be accepted and remembered, and his desire to seek the Sea Stone Sword for himself despite knowing the consequences he will face for wielding so much power.

The story was really nicely split into sections of Rob’s life. We see Rob’s early teen years and the way that he grows into a young man in a fortress far from home, under the eye of a leader who you don’t know whether to trust or not, how devastating loss drives him away from the only friends he had and move on desperately to a new stage of adventure when he joins a ship crew on the quest to find the Sea Stone Sword. This then nicely links into the final chapters of the novel where Rob is once again alone and believes it is his duty to end the devastation. Throughout there is some brilliant character and story development where we see some unexpected changes in allegiance, some shocking truths and absolute despair in a world where there seems to be no chance of freedom.

My favourite character throughout this novel had to be Eimhir. She was one of those characters that I just connected to straight away. Her ability to forgive was something that had caused her a lot of pain and heartbreak, but she was the strongest character, and never allowed the misdeeds done to her make her feel the victim. I was devastated when we left Eimhir behind as Rob continued on in his journey, but I knew that in some shape of form she would be the one that would lead Rob onto the right road, even in just the memory of her, and the similarities she held with Niall, her brother and Rob’s first love.

This was an absolutely stunning story with some amazing characters, plots and a strong narrative voice throughout. 5 Stars and a definite recommended read for all lovers of fantasy!



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