New Release + Book Review ~ ‘Rulers of Deception’ by Katie Jennings.


Rulers of Deception by Katie Jennings
The Vasser Legacy #3
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Mystery
Release Date: 15th May 2014.

Rulers of Deception - Katie Jennings




It’s taken a year to rebuild their empire, but with a thriving merger and its welcomed success, the Vasser Hotel family has risen beyond scandal. But things at the top will never be easy.

The unstable son of their business partner threatens to dissolve the relationship, claiming the Vassers are dangerous. With a twist of fate, a ghost from Wyatt’s past brings death threats from a Colombian drug lord who he’s been running from for nearly ten years.

Meanwhile, a well-respected journalist offers to do an extensive, positive piece on the family, but she may prove more foe than friend. As rumors circulate about Marshall being a killer, mysterious letters and photographs trickle in targeted at the heart of the Vassers. It will either destroy them or have them rising above all to seek the ultimate revenge.




Book Review ~ ‘Rulers of Deception’ by Katie Jennings ~ 5+ Stars!

First off I’d like to thank author Katie Jennings for feeding my Wyatt addiction and sending me a copy of ‘Rulers of Deception’ to read before release day. Second of all, Wyatt Bailey is perfection. Now on to my review.

I am a serious addict of the Vasser Legacy Saga. I always get that thrill when I start one of the books and enter that world of passion, deceit, scandal and mystery, and it was just the same with ‘Rulers of Deception’. It is Katie Jennings’ beautiful and powerful way with words that really make this series what it is. Her descriptions of the characters and their feelings are flawless, and it’s so hard to think of them as fictional when they are just so well rounded and feel and act in such a human way.

The progression and development of the storyline and characters throughout the three books has been phenomenal. Everything has been paced so well and realistically, and I loved seeing further into the characters minds as they are targeted again from an outside source.

I loved seeing Grant and Quinn, and Linc and Lynette’s relationships develop after their marriage, and it was so wonderful to see how their love was tested, but came out victorious despite outside meddling trying to weaken them. It made their marriages seem so very real to me as a reader, as it’s not always sunshine’s and daisies and sometimes as husband and wife you have to overcome disagreements and problems.

The highlight for me in ‘Rulers of Deception’ as with the other books in the series, was seeing Madison and Wyatt together. They are the Vasser Legacy’s Rhett and Scarlett and have such a powerful, passionate, loving and turbulent relationship that I am just enraptured every time I read chapters when they are together. It was also absolutely heartbreaking but groundbreaking to see Madison as a victim, and it was the perfect progression to see how she came from the hard, cold, and power driven woman from ‘When Empires Fall’ to a scared woman who lets finally lets herself show emotion and let out her pain in front of Wyatt. It was brilliant to see Wyatt’s protective nature kick in, and we can again see just how strong their love for one another is that he will do anything to protect her, even if it means breaking her heart.

This chapter of the Vasser Legacy Saga was just stunning to read. Everything from the beautiful prose style of writing, to the amazing characters that I have come to love so deeply, and the shivery thrill I feel when the mystery starts to unravel, makes this another must-read book by Katie Jennings.

5+ Stars!!



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