Blog Stop ~ ‘How To Say Goodbye’ by Amber Lin.



How To Say Goodbye by Amber Lin
Publication date: April 7th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance





Amy has a secret: no one has ever held her hand. She doesn’t even know how to hug. Everybody thinks she’s brilliant, but that’s because school was all she had. Then she meets Dane, a golden-haired surfer whose easy charm and hot touch teach her what she longs to know.

Dane lives for the salty breeze and a sweet wave, because that’s all he has. He’s lived on the streets since he was fourteen. A drifter. Homeless. But Amy changes everything. Smart and accomplished, she’s everything he’s not. He wants to be the sort of man who deserves her.

Except that means facing down his past—and that past might very well swallow them both.




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Book Review ~ ‘How To Say Goodbye’ by Amber Lin ~ 5 Stars!

Well wow! What a refreshing read! I honestly loved how unique this storyline was, with the characters and situations being so unlike any other that I have read in the ‘New Adult’ genre.

Amber Lin has taken a brilliant concept and transferred it beautifully onto paper. The characters she created were real, broken and hopeful, everything that young people today feel on a regular basis. Amy and Dane were relatable characters, and were a brilliant example of how different stresses can cause different outcomes for some. Both Amy and Dane’s stories were different, but no less heartbreaking. For Dane, his emotional and physical scars come from a sexual abuse that he found the only way to escape from was to leave his life behind, whereas Amy’s issues come from a more neglectful past.

Amy was a wonderful character and I loved seeing her development throughout the story. We see her at the beginning of the book desperate to make her own way in the world, to take a job not forced upon her by her mother, and her gift of seeing beauty in the smallest things, after years of coldness and neglect from her mother leaving her insecure. It was heart-warming to see her blossom through Dane’s love to become a confident and sometimes sassy young woman who spoke her mind, and fought for the things that meant the most to her.

However, Dane was the character that stood out for me. I commend the author for her originality in having Dane being homeless not by circumstance, but by choice. It really got me thinking, and had me in the mindset of Dane, desperately trying to understand his reasoning for staying on the streets, when other options open up. His emotional scars were so deep and I felt my heart breaking for the internal pain he was suffering, and his desire to remain anonymous, just one in a crowd.

The relationship that developed between Amy and Dane was a rocky one, and at times had me feeling unsure on behalf of Amy. I felt for Amy so much as she struggled to understand why Dane would become sarcastic and hollow in his words, and how she desperately tried to help him live up to the potential he had to be a great man. I felt bereft on Amy’s behalf when Dane tried to shut her out, doing so in a seemingly cruel way when he was doing so to keep Amy’s heart safe. The psychological scarring he had made me understand his actions a little more, even when I didn’t agree with them, and that really shows the talents of the author for having created such multi-dimensional characters that like with real people you can’t understand the reasons for their behaviour and actions until you can see into their mindsets as we do with the altering points of view.

This story really is a beautiful and poignant one that I recommend to readers who like characters with layers and who have to fight their deep rooted instincts and fears to keep hold of the ones they love.

5 Stars!



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Amber Lin

Amber Lin is an author of edgy and emotional erotic romance. RT Book Reviews gave her debut, Giving It Up, 4.5 stars and called it “truly extraordinary.”



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One thought on “Blog Stop ~ ‘How To Say Goodbye’ by Amber Lin.

  1. Wow this sounds so profound and intense. I love the complexity of Dane and I’m really glad there’s a good psychological angle – I find that’s often ignored to move the plot along more but then it lacks depth. I’ll def have to give this one a try!

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