Book Review ~ ‘Within the Realm’ by Jillian Neal.


Within the Realm by Jillian Neal
The Gifted Realm #1
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance.

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The Gifted walk among us. They are unseen, but in plain sight. The Earth’s energies are as visible to them as the tangible world is to us and they can harness and bend these forces to their will. Atop the Pentagon resides the government of the Gifted Realm.

Rainer Lawson is set to join the ranks of Elite Officers in the Gifted Police force. With his fellow officers, they will work together, using their abilities, to try and end the most sinister criminal organization in existence. His parents fought and died to re-establish the Realm, and he won’t allow them to have sacrificed in vain.

The will to protect those he loves has always driven Rainer, but his desperation to protect Emily, the love of his life, consumes him. While passions ignite and vengeance is sought, Rainer may discover that all of his money, fame, and power, could cost him the only thing that has ever truly mattered.




Book Review ~ ‘Within the Realm’ by Jillian Neal ~ 5 Stars!

Well, wow! This was one damn incredible start to what I’m sure will continue to be an amazing series. Throughout this book the writing style gave me the kind of vibe I get when re-reading Harry Potter, that kind of thrill when you are entering a magical world that exists side by side with our own world. With ‘Within the Realm’ I almost felt like I was reading a kind of ‘Harry Potter and the Auror years’, and I absolutely adored every second of it. The way that the ‘gifted’ use energy from the earth and their surroundings was really clever, and I loved the way that the magical aspects of this story entwined so beautifully with the main storyline throughout the book.

Rainer Lawson is one of the most lovable heroes I have encountered in a while. Everything about him was just so genuine that I rooted for him straight from the word go, the relationship he had with Emily was just so beautiful to witness, especially as the start of the story had seen them in a relationship since they were seven. It was a really unique way of introducing a couple in this kind of book as it is usually a new love interest who comes in, so I absolutely adored seeing the strong friendship and years of love and how the trials they’ve faced in the past have made their relationship that much stronger in the present. I adored all the romance in this book, and it was a really lovely accompaniment to the drama and suspense side to the story as neither side overwhelmed it and it was left with a perfect balance to the story. I also loved how well-rounded the secondary characters were, and it really made the characters and story seem very real to me as the author managed to evoke so much emotion in me through the trials of all of her characters.

The story is also not without humour. I laughed so much whilst reading this book, as the writing style was witty, but not overly so, and with brilliant characters such as Logan, and especially Mrs. Haydenshire who was the perfect mother figure for the orphaned Rainer. The interactions between her and her husband in regards to their daughter’s virtue was just hilarious. The over-protective father, yet more laid-back mother who tries to remind her husband that their daughter is no longer a baby and is going to have sex was just so funny that I spent a great portion of this book laughing at Rainer’s utter humiliation when it came to having ‘the talk’ with his girlfriend’s father.

The action and suspense in this story starts in earnest in the last third of this book, and I really connected with the story and found myself on the edge of my seat. Already my favourite character is Dan Vindico who has a trauma in his past which haunts him and which drives him in his mission to bring those using their powers for evil to justice. I can’t wait to see how his character develops in the rest of the series.

A brilliant start to the ‘Gifted Realm’ series. 5 Stars!



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Review copy was kindly given by the author through Xpresso Book Tours Review Opportunities in exchange for an honest review.



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