Book Review ~ ‘The Story of You and Me’ by Pamela DuMond.


The Story of You and Me by Pamela DuMond

The Story of You and Me by Pamela DuMond.
Publication date: November 12, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult.




Recommended for New Adult and Mature Young Adult Readers
HEA for Sophie and Alejandro!
She’s driven to save her life. He’s haunted by breaking one. Some secrets are risky to share. But nothing’s more powerful than falling in love…

Nineteen-year-old Sophie has the kind of hope that makes her do weird things–like leave her family and friends behind in her small hometown and travel thousands of miles to a strange city–Los Angeles.

She didn’t plan on getting into the middle of a bar fight on the USCLA campus her first night in town. She didn’t want to be rescued by twenty-one-year-old Alejandro, the hottest guy she’s ever met. She has no time to fall for a guy because her stakes are high–life and death.

Sophie’s starting a promising, experimental USCLA Medical study that could heal her debilitating disease. But California’s filled with all kinds of alternative healers offering medical miracles. When she ventures on her own to find them, she quickly discovers that L.A.’s a tough city, with bad guys more than happy to take advantage of her.

She hires Alejandro to be her driver and her bodyguard. Their journeys take them to sunny beaches, dicey ghettos, campus hang-outs, gang-infested hoods and celebrity parties. And she learns that healing doesn’t always come the way you think you need it.

Sophie’s healing is six-foot-two-inches tall, has stunning hazel eyes, black, shiny hair and a rock solid chest that shelters her. Her healing is a smart, gorgeous Alpha Boy with a killer sense of humor–Alejandro.

As they fall in love, she realizes Alejandro isn’t your typical college party boy–he has a dangerous past. And Sophie isn’t the only one who keeps secrets.

A Story of Hope. A Story of Love. A Story of Redemption.




Book Review ~ ‘The Story of You and Me’ by Pamela DuMond ~ 5 Stars!

There was something about this book that just drew me in from the first page, and has stayed with me since I finished it. It wasn’t just the perfectly paced romance or the stunning writing style, but the way that the characters were just so simply human, fighting for their right to live and love, and how their relationships were formed through the human need for connection, companionship and understanding.
Sophie was a great heroine whom I identified with from the word go. The devotion she showed to her grandmother was heart-warming and it almost broke my heart to see the pains and lengths she went to in order to get answers for her and those like her who suffered from MS. I liked how this book really highlighted the illness as one that may seem invisible to onlookers, but reeks havoc on the individual, who like in Sophie’s case, are just trying to live their life as normally as possible.

The connection she shared with Alejandro was just stunning. I adored his protective nature, as well as his very human desire to repent for his past mistakes, something that he used as a way to become a better person and help those around him, rather than making excuses for himself. He was the kind of hero that Sophie needed, and the way their relationship developed through flirty sarcasm, to strong friendship which became a love was just beautiful to watch. It was paced perfectly and I never thought the story was moving too fast or too slow. I liked how there was an almost road-trip feel to the story and it was eye-opening to see the kind of people out there that take advantage of people’s weaknesses and illnesses. Being a spiritual healer myself, it was heartbreaking but sadly true to see the real faces of some so called ‘healers’. Whilst I didn’t agree with all of Sophie’s choices, I felt for her so badly to have been treated badly by people she trusted to help her, all so she could help give her grandmother and herself a better value of life.

Everything about this novel just sang to me. I loved the character driven story and how I connected with the characters so quickly and strongly, I adored the relationship development with Alejandro and Sophie, and really hoped they could put their demons behind them so they could be happy together. I loved how real the characters were, and how they made mistakes and bad choices even for the right reasons.

This was a brilliant story that I can’t recommend enough.

5 Stars!



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Review copy was kindly supplied by the author through Xpresso Book Tours Review Opportunity in exchange for an honest review.



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