Blog Stop ~ ‘This Much is True’ by Katherine Owen.


 This Much Is True by Katherine Owen
Publication date: August 11th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Fate brings them together

Fame & lies keep them apart

One truth remains…She’s become the Paly High girl with the most tragic story…

At 17, Tally Landon just wants to graduate and leave for New York to pursue ballet. Her best friend Marla convinces her to attend one last party—a college party—where she can be among strangers and evade the whisperings about her heartbreaking loss of her twin that follows her everywhere she goes. She meets Lincoln Presley, Stanford’s famous baseball wonder and has a little fun at his expense—when she lies about her age and who she really is—intent on being someone else for the night and escaping her tragic story.His only focus is baseball, but he can’t forget the girl he saved on Valentine’s Day…
At 22, Lincoln Presley’s star is on the rise—about to finish at Stanford and expected to be taken early in Major League Baseball’s upcoming draft—his cousin’s party serves as a welcome distraction. But then, he sees the girl from Valentine’s Day that he saved from that horrific car accident and can’t quite hide his disappointment when she appears to look right through him and not remember him at all. He vows to learn her name at least before he leaves. What’s the harm in getting to know this girl? What’s the worst that can happen?They share this incredible connection, but fate soon tests these star-crossed lovers in all kinds of ways…
And yet, despite the lies being told to protect the other, and the trappings of fame that continually separate them, and in lieu of the deception by those they’ve come to trust the most; one truth remains.

This much is true.



Book Review ~ ‘This Much is True’ by Katherine Owen ~ 5 Stars!

Reading ‘This Much Is True’ was such a heartfelt and stunning experience. From the beautiful writing style that blew me away from the first page, to the fantastic character and story development that kept me hooked throughout, this really was a very special book, but beware, you are in for a hard, long, tear-jerking, rage-filled, heartbreaking journey. But I would not have missed it for the world!

I connected immediately to the characters whose story I would be following. Katherine Owen very cleverly crafted this novel so that we witness the pain of the past alongside our heroine Tally Landon. I never felt any anger or annoyance towards Tally throughout the years that the novel covered. She loses her twin sister in a car accident, an accident of which Tally escapes with her life, but broken from the loss of her other half. I knew that it would be a hard, long road for Tally to become her own person. I loved how Tally escaped her pain by pretending to be her sister. It really made me think of the psychological trauma that Tally suffered, and how pretending to be Holly helped keep her alive, as well as helped Tally feel more confident and more perfect by acting like the sister she thought was always the better one.

Our introduction to Linc was superb. I loved the instant connection they shared, the way that they opened up to each other, even whilst keeping an emotional distance. The relationship that they built, and the way it continued on through every day of their life, even when they were parted, with other people, and fighting their own battles, as they thought of each other, and felt bereft at having lost something so wonderful before it could ever really start.

There is some real emotional issues that are raised in this novel, and I don’t want to spoil any of them for potential readers because they really held a huge wow factor. There were so many times that I cried and felt my heart ripping in two. There was times that I really debated putting the book down, knowing that as I suffer from depression, this extraordinary but emotional journey may just be too much for me to cope with. I was constantly tempted to check goodreads reviews to see whether Tally and Linc would get their happily ever after (This is from the girl that lined up for the last Harry Potter book at midnight with her fingers in her ears to avoid any of the buyers in front of her telling her the ending!).

But I persevered, and boy was it worth it! Even in the darkest parts of the books, when Tally and Linc’s lives became so far removed from each other, the powerful writing style just kept me reading, determined to get through this journey and see the outcome of these characters.

There were characters I loved, characters I empathised, characters I admired, and there were those that I loathed. I was always firmly on Tally’s team throughout the novel even when her decisions broke my heart. I felt angry at those who took advantage of Tally’s pain, and used guilt-trips to get to her. Rob in particular was a character that I disliked from the get go. Being Holly’s boyfriend before she died, I felt ashamed of him when he began a relationship with Tally, a girl identical to his dead girlfriend. Whilst Tally grieved for her sister, I understood her desire to be with Rob, as though her being with him would keep Holly alive, and would give Holly the chance at a future with Rob through Tally. It was Rob’s insistence that it had ‘always been Tally’ that upset and infuriated me, insinuating that Holly was an unimportant part of his past. I felt so desperate for Tally to escape from his grasp, and wished more than anything that Tally could be with Linc, if only to see how much she was worth, and that Rob’s desire to keep her to himself, made her less able to be the amazing person she had the potential to be.

This story was a rocky one, with highs and lows, moments of pure bliss, and then utter heartbreak, but throughout it all I kept hold of the hope I had that Tally would be reunited with Linc and that as a family they could overcome anything. This book really is a gem, and it is one that has wowed me in so many ways. There are some beautiful storylines entwined within Tally and Linc’s journey to find themselves, and each other, and I haven’t even hinted at one of the monumental storylines that will break your heart and take your breath away. I wouldn’t want to spoil that amazing story for anyone.

If you are looking for a book with raw emotion, loss, love and the power of hope, then this is the book for you! A 5 star read!

WARNING: Have a box of tissues handy…


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Katherine Owen
Dark. Edgy. Contemporary. Romantic. Were we describing me? Or my fiction? Sorry. I drink too much…coffee, not enough water. I swear too much for God and my mother, and I slip these into my fiction. Sorry. I’m impatient, a perfectionist, a wordsmith, a dreamer, which ends up being good and bad. I’m a workaholic; ask my fam-dam-ily. I’ve written four novels in as many years: SEEING JULIA, NOT TO US, & WHEN I SEE YOU, as well as my latest release THIS MUCH IS TRUE. If you love angsty, unpredictable love stories, I’m yours. Black heart (cards)


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5 thoughts on “Blog Stop ~ ‘This Much is True’ by Katherine Owen.

  1. Roller coasted ride for sure I love these raw, heartbreaking stories the most. A bit masochistic I guess but I find them so memorable when I get really into in emotionally! Great review, as usual! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for featuring “This Much Is True” on your blog. Most of all, thank you for reading my work! I loved your review and I’m pleased it moved you (tore you in two? made you cry? made you happy, sad, or sometimes, in-between, one of those or all of them…).


    Katherine Owen
    Author of “This Much Is True” & other emotional romantic literary fare

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