Book Review ~ ‘To Catch a Falling Star’ by L. Duarte.


To Catch a Falling Star by L. Duarte
Crossing Stars #2
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult.
Release Date: TBA

To Catch a Falling Star by L. Duarte



It’s been five years, but Melody still mourns the death of Tim, her soul mate and beloved husband who never had a chance to hold their daughter. Mel and her daughter have the love and support of Mel’s brother Will and sister-in-law Portia, the famous Oscar-winning actress-turned-mother. Mel works three jobs and mothers Ella, but she spends her mornings facing the demons of her grief. Her faith and her father, the pastor, helps Mel grapple with her grief.

Portia opens her home to her childhood friend Tarry Francis, a successful, womanizing rock star. He’s trying to beat his addictions. Again. He’s going through the motions, but needs his drugs and rowdy lifestyle to keep his childhood pain in check. Tarry’s privileged upbringing contrasted with his cruel parents, who starved him of affection. Who can fix that?

Mel is forced to counsel Tarry, but he’s so damaged and unwilling to try that she’s not sure anyone can help fix him. She gives him a special coin. Could this open their hearts to each other and fuel their love? Is this a step forward that will free them to catch the falling stars? Or will Mel remain faithful to her first love?

Rich in meaning, To Catch a Falling Star is about two lovers whose hearts struggle to open to find the magic of the journey of love. It’s a joyful and passionate story about overcoming challenges to lead us to love and the fulfillment of our dreams.

To Catch a Falling Star is the stunning follow-up novel to L. Duarte’s debut Chasing Stars about Portia and Will’s romance. A spiritual and playful read, L. Duarte has provided readers the chance to believe in healing a broken heart.



I received an ARC of ‘To Catch a Falling Star’ in exchange for an honest review.

I always lament when I start an amazing book just before Christmas. With all the festivities, helping my parents prepare for the annual ‘have the whole family over for boxing day’ bash, having to remove my nose from a book long enough to have christmas dinner is a tough chore, especially when reading a book as wonderful, emotional and heartbreaking as ‘To Catch a Falling Star’.

I absolutely adored the first book in this series ‘Catching Stars’ which told the story of Portia and Will, and I was so pleased that author L. Duarte was able to not only meet the brilliant level of ‘Chasing Stars’ but also to exceed it and literally have me travelling to the stars as I read this
beautiful story.

L. Duarte’s beautiful writing style always has the ability to bring me to tears in the space of a second. Her gorgeous prose had me so connected to the story, and I found myself so invested in Tarry’s personal development of overcoming his demons and his fight against addiction, as well as the beautiful relationship that he and Mel begin to develop when they are both at the lowest points of their lives.

What I really loved about ‘Chasing Stars’ was how not everybody got their happily ever after. I really liked how Tarry was still spiralling despite his best friends finding solace in their life. To be able to read Tarry’s story from his own perspective, to see the struggle he had and the way his mind worked through the addiction that plagued him was a real priviledge. Tarry’s internal dialogue was written to absolute perfection and I felt so connected to him as not just a character but as a real man who was struggling to find his true self. To see his connection with music and how he expressed his inner demons through singing and composing was great, and I loved how he shared this with Mel.

Mel was another great character who I really connected with. I’ve always been one of those people who is sceptical of second love. I’ve not experienced love for myself so I suppose the romantic in me always believes that you can’t love another person after your first husband dies. Reading Mel’s story completely widened my view on this. The story was tackled so beautifully and with such grace that I finally began to understand how Mel was finally able to think of Tim and their time together fondly rather than wallowing in his absence. I loved how we were given glimpses into Mel and Tim’s past, it made him seem so real to me, and I mourned his loss with Mel and understood her fear of falling in love again. This was delicately approached and I can’t say how much I loved this story and the pace of the development of Mel and Tarry’s relationship.

With her beautiful storytelling and her creation of realistic and relatable characters, L. Duarte has become one of my favourite authors who I would read time and time again. ‘To Catch a Falling Star’ is on my list of favourite books for 2013, and I can’t wait to see more of L. Duarte’s work.

5 Stars and a definite recommended read. This book will have you travelling to the stars!


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  1. Mia Hayson says:

    Ahhh! Sounds fabulous. Must read!

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