Book Review – ‘When Empires Fall (Vasser Legacy #1)’ by Katie Jennings


When Empires Fall by Katie Jennings
(The Vasser Legacy #1)
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

When Empires Fall (Vasser Legacy #1) by Katie Jennings



The Vassers are America’s greatest family, an empire forged in steel and stone, wealth and prestige. They’re in the business of luxury hotels…and murder.

When the truth is exposed through the letters of a dead woman, all hell breaks loose. The family tries to cope with the allegation that what they thought was a decades old suicide was actually the cold-blooded murder of one of their own.

Things only get worse when they realize the killer is still among them.

Enter the newest generation of Vasser heirs: three siblings now running the Vasser Hotel in New York City, each with their own agenda. Principled and serious Grant; charming playboy Linc; and ruthlessly secretive Madison. They soon discover that swimming in the undercurrents of their own family’s dark past could prove to be disastrous.

Family may be the ties that bind, but When Empires Fall, they are the ties that kill.



Book Review ~ ‘When Empires Fall’ by Katie Jennings ~ 5 Stars!

I am in awe of this incredible story and the amazing characters that I have met. I can’t recommend this book enough, I loved it!

‘When Empires Fall’ was a brilliant start to the Vasser Legacy series, with an electric storyline and some amazingly well-rounded characters.

Katie Jennings has a beautiful writing style that always sucks me into her stories, the events she writes always realistic, intriguing and having me on the edge of my seat in suspsense. The historical storyline made my hairs stand on end, and I loved how we were given little hints as to who the perpetrator was, but the big reveal was still shocking and surprising.

Whilst reading this book, I found myself so attached to each of the members of the Vasser family and admired that despite the issues that came up between them on occasion, they were always there for each other. Quinn was a real breath of fresh air as a character, and I adored her cheerful persona and glass half full type of optimism. I also could see why Grant found this uncomfortable at first, and instead of being annoyed at him for being broody, it made me enjoy the way their relationship developed at a slower pace even more. I also connected deeply to Lynette’s character and thought she was a great match for Linc, with her realistic view of life. As much as I love the quick romances filled with lots of passion, I also liked how Lynette looked at things with a cool head and discouraged Linc from making rash decisions when in a hot temper.

And where would this amazing book be without the wonderful Wyatt? *sigh* Wyatt wasn’t introduced early on in the book and his arrival really stirred up the plot for young Madison, who I have to say is my favourite character in this series. Katie Jennings has a real talent for giving her characters more layers than we see, and expect at first glance. I really loved both sides of Madison’s character, and how as we progress through the novel we begin to see that her determination to succeed isn’t just a greedy attempt to control the Vasser empire, but her desperate desire to regain some control that she lost when she was abandoned by Wyatt. Wyatt’s return to her life starts to show us a more vulnerable side to her, and we begin to see how her cold and blunt affront is a shield from the hurt of her past. Wyatt’s need to win Madison back, make up for his past mistakes and protect those he cares about most, all whilst maintaining his gorgeous, passionate and sarcastic self made him my favourite book boyfriend FOR LIFE! The modern day Rhett and Scarlett, their relationship is fiery, passionate and so damn romantic!

If all of that doesn’t persuade you to go and read this book right now, I’ll say it nice and clear: This is a must read!

6 Stars and on my list of favourite books ever!


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One thought on “Book Review – ‘When Empires Fall (Vasser Legacy #1)’ by Katie Jennings

  1. *hugs* Thanks Sorcha!! I can’t wait for you to read book three. Things between Madison and Wyatt heat up even more if that’s even possible lol!

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