Book Review – ‘Sisters in Bloom (Snow Sisters #2)’ by Melissa Foster.


Sisters in Bloom by Melissa Foster
(Snow Sisters #2; Love in Bloom #2)
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Sisters in Bloom



You loved Danica and Kaylie in SISTERS IN LOVE, find out what happens next with

Kaylie Snow has always been the fun, flirty, pretty sister. Now, her burgeoning baby bump, hormone infused emotions, and faltering singing career are sending her into an unexpected identity crisis. Watching her older sister Danica glide through a major career change and a new relationship with the grace of a ballerina, Kaylie’s insecurities rise to the forefront—and her relationship, with fiancé Chaz Crew, is caught in the crossfire.

Chaz Crew has everything he’s ever wanted: a lovely fiancé, a baby on the way, and soon, the film festival he owns will host its biggest event ever. When he’s called away to woo the festival’s largest sponsor—and the lover he’s never admitted to having—secrets from his past turn his new life upside down.

With her baby shower around the corner, and her fiancé’s big event looming, the pressure is on for Kaylie to pull herself together—and for Chaz to right his wrongs. In a few short weeks, the couple who had it all figured out will learn things about life and love that may change their minds—and their hearts.

SISTERS IN BLOOM is a testament to the bond of sisters, the strength of women, and the pains and delights that accompany motherhood. A book for every mother, sister, and daughter, SISTERS IN BLOOM will resonate with readers who love to explore family dramas.



I received an ARC of ‘Sisters in Bloom’ in exchange for an honest review.

Just like ‘Sisters in Love’, ‘Sisters in Bloom’ sucked me in straight away. The well-rounded characters were as wonderful as they were in book one, and I adored following the story of the next part of their lives.

Getting to see Kaylie grow as a person from our own perspective was so thrilling to read. Whereas in the first book our opinions and perceptions of Kaylie tended to be based on Danica’s, it was wonderful to see Kaylie as her own person rather than as Danica’s sister who she feels she has a lot of responsibility for. It was a great switch to see that where Danica often felt overshadowed by Kaylie and her gorgeousness, Kaylie has felt overshadowed by Danica’s seemingly perfect job and life. Seeing both sisters jealous feelings for each other, yet still sharing such a strong sisterly bond was heartwarming and perfectly depicted so many sibling relationships in everyday life.

Although I loved getting to know Kaylie better, I also loved how we were still shown Danica’s story and given sweet insights into how her relationship with Blake was progressing. What makes their story and relationship so special to read is that it isn’t a simple ‘and they lived happily ever after’ as much as I do love one. It is real and gritty and has its down moments. Despite Danica’s progress in Sisters in Love, we still see the struggles she has to have faith in herself and Blake in this book and how she still holds a part of herself back in order to remain in control. It was great to see her develop further as a person and come to understand herself, and her desires better.

I loved getting to know Chaz as a character, and feel that he and Kaylie are superbly matched! His patience with Kaylie when she is unfair to him, and his understanding that she has issues with commitment after seeing her parents marriage end all whilst giving her space and not judging her too harshly made him a wonderful character that I so admired. I really felt for him when the mistakes of his past made themselves known, but I loved how in the end they made his and Kaylie’s relationship stronger and more trusting.

A great series and I can’t wait to read Book 3! 5 Stars and a definite recommended read!


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