Book Review – ‘101 Degrees Fahrenheit’ by Eva Gale.


101 Degrees Fahrenheit by Eva Gale
Standalone Short
Genres: Erotica, Adult




On the hottest day of the summer Kathy Robert’s airconditoner breaks at her barber shop, Great Headz, and she still has one more customer. It’s hot and sticky, but he’s not going anywhere. And he wants more than a trim.



Book Review – ‘101 Degrees Fahrenheit’ by Eva Gale.

So this was a quick, short and fun read of about 20 pages. At first I wasn’t at all sure I liked where the story was going, as I thought the hero of the story was too ‘alpha male’ and was acting really inappropriately on such short acquaintance, even if the story was purely a short erotica, so it was a nice twist to find out that it was actually a role-play activity the man was playing with his wife. It was a sexy quick read, and there was a nice backstory for why him and his wife were indulging in more risque activities than usual.

Of course it is difficult in 20 pages to give much of a story and I know that the focus of the book was on the erotica, but I would like to have seen a little more backstory as to why the couple had problems in their relationship. There wasn’t much indication given as to why they had been so close to getting divorced earlier that year, or why their therapist had suggested the role-playing idea as a way for them to connect. So a little more information thrown in would have been nice, but it was a fun, quick read, and the author has a good writing style which I would like to see more of in a longer book

3 Stars.


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