A Day of Writing…

The house is empty and quiet, outside is autumnal and chilly, and here I am inside wrapped up in a blanket, drinking tea and writing. That’s what I call a perfect day πŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “A Day of Writing…

  1. This is nice. What do you write about? Are all those fiction?

  2. mlfables says:

    Its nice to see someone else still uses pen and paper to write stories.

    I tend to do all of my story plotting and outlining with pen and pad. Although I do prefer to freewrite the story at my PC, since I tend to use the thesaurus a lot and need the internet at hand to do quick research.

    • Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ It usually depends on what I’m writing. When I write my novel based in the Victorian times I always write it by hand first before I type it up, because I find it easier to get into the frame of mind for it. I’m a bit old-fashioned so I love writing by hand πŸ™‚

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