Master Fic List


Vampire Diaries
My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn ~ (2/2) ~ She didn’t know much about ‘Gone with the Wind’ only that there was a woman; Scarlett, someone called Rhett and something to do with the Civil War, but she knew it was meant to be one of the greatest love stories of all time. Damon/Elena.
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2 (Outtakes):

Vampire’s Don’t Sparkle ~ (1/1) ~ What with the fight against evil, little did the occupants of the Gilbert house think to worry of what the little imaginative girl in the house opposite would observe sitting at her bedroom window. Damon/Elena.
Chapter 1:

Harry Potter
Comforting Grief ~ (1/1) ~ During their seventh year at Hogwarts, Lily comforts a grieving James when nobody else can. Lily/James.
Chapter 1:

Did I Get Her? ~ (1/1) ~ After the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, Remus checks on Tonks in St Mungo’s. Remus/Tonks
Chapter 1:

I Know ~ (5/5) ~ Whilst Tonks attempts to drink her sorrows and thoughts of Remus away, Snape can’t help but think to the past when another heartbroken witch sobbed over a Marauder. Remus/Tonks, one-sided Snape/Lily, mentions of James/Lily
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:

Pure Intentions ~ (1/1) ~ “You wouldn’t be one of those Auror’s you hear about who join up for the wrong reasons. Your intentions would be pure!” “What would be the wrong reasons?” he questioned quietly, a quick flash of pain crossing his eyes. Teddy/Victoire.
Chapter 1:

Wuthering Heights
Con-trar-y – Con-tra-ry ~ (1/1) ~ But as his aching jaw lingered he’d finally realised what it was actually from. Smiling. He smiled all the time now, smiled at Joseph’s disgruntled murmurs as Cathy reprimanded him for trailing mud into the finally scrubbed clean kitchen. A Team Hareton fanfiction. Cathy/Hareton
Chapter 1:

Damned Little Witch ~ (1/1) ~ His gun burst while out on the hills by himself, a splinter cut his arm, and he lost a good deal of blood before he could reach home.” A Team Hareton fanfiction.
Chapter 1:

Too Late for Friendship ~ (1/1) ~ After hitting Cathy during Lockwood’s visit, Hareton makes attempts at friendship. Cathy/Hareton angst.
Chapter 1:

Doctor Who
Escaping Formalities ~ (1/1) ~ At his wedding reception, the half human Doctor can’t wait to carry Rose over the threshold of their cottage. Doctor/Rose.
Chapter 1:

Letting Go ~ (1/1) ~ As The Doctor lays with Amy Pond on the grass, looking up at the sky, he thinks to his saviour and the woman who will forever be in his hearts. Mentions of Doctor/Rose. NOT an Amy/Doctor romance.
Chapter 1:

Wants and Needs ~ (1/1) ~ It was a fight between the inner Time Lord and the inner Human; a fight between the desire of wanting and needing. Spoilers for Series 2: The Girl in the Fireplace. Doctor/Rose.
Chapter 1:


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